Where Is The Best Viewing Stand in Sepang International Circuit


I went to Sepang International Circuit to watch Formula 1 2017. I watched it in the main ground stand, the K1 stand and the C2 hill stand.

I will tell you how you watch the Formula 1 cars from each stand.

Main ground (homestraight,backstraight)

People who will watch the race in the main ground stand enter the main entrance.


Go straight and pass some shops, you will see the main stand gate.

You shouldn’t get the ticket dirty, because the staff here will scan the bar code in it.


I was really excited and impressed with the exhaust’s sound, because it was my first time watching F1 GP live.

This stand is close to the Formula 1 cars, so you can watch them clearly. But they will drive away in no time. The cars that move on the pit lane were faster than I expected.


If it rains, some seats in this stand might get wet. But this stand has many spaces where you can watch while standing.


Enter the main entrance and turn left, you will find the K1 stand gate soon.


You can watch the first corner after the homestraight. There is a safety zone in front of you. This stand is a little far from the cars.


But I think it’s wonderful for the people who like cornering. I was surprised at the cornering speed.

In this stand also, if it rains, near the front place might get wet.


C2 hill

Go to the right side of the circuit without entering the main entrance.


If you walk towards the C2 hill stand gate, it will take about 15 minutes. Shuttle buses are available if you don’t want to walk.


You can watch a lot of scene, such as high speed straight, cornering technique and acceleration with shift-up.


In this stand, there are no seats, near the back place is only a roof.

But I recommend here because the price for the ticket is about 120RM, that’s about $30. affordable price !


I bought the C2 hill stand ticket on the official website, Sepang International Circuit.

About meal and access

There will be food stalls behind each stand. If you don’t order meals when you buy the ticket, I think you will not be troubled. But it must be crowded on the finals, you should go there earlier.


Sometimes there are long lines, especially lunch time.

I made a hotel reservation near the circuit.

I went to the circuit using the app,”UBER”. Uber fare depends on the time.

Also there are shuttle buses available from Kuala Lumpur Airport and from Mitsui Outlet Park Sepang.


I think you should do your activities as soon as possible.


I hope that helps.